What Is Mass Tort?

To explain simply, mass tort litigation involves the cases where people throughout the country who have suffered losses or have been injured because of a defective product files for justice. All those cases of the individulas are consolidated into a single proceeding in a Federal District Court where there are pre-trial proceedings being undertaken. The proceedings involve the exchange of documents completing depositions, exchange of information and dealing with expert witnesses.

After the trial preparation work is done, the mass tort claims attorney might at times ask the individual case to be transferred to the local court where it was originally filed and then the actual trial might take place.

There are a number of different MDL proceedings throughout the United States. One of the most common one is that of the surgical meshes which has involved a number of different manufacturers such as Bard, Boston Scientific, Ethicon, American Medical, Coloplast and some more. There cases have been consolidated in MDL proceedings.

mass tort claims attorneyAre mass torts more effective?

In the mass tort claims, one law firm can – and often does is represent plenty of victims. This helps in pooling of information and resources. Instead of many law firms representing a single plaintiff and having to investigate the claim and collect evidence, mass tort claims attorney of a law firm can conduct an in-depth investigation which would benefit many plaintiffs at a go.

A variety of legal issues can lead to the claims of mass tort, and some of the most common ones include:

  • Defective pharmaceutical drugs
  • Defective medical devices such as surgical mesh
  • Other defective products (such as Johnson & Johnson talc baby powder)
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals, such as asbestos
  • Transportation disasters
  • Environmental disasters

The Bramzon Law Firm PLLC team has represented thousands of victims through the diverse team of attorneys and legal professionals. So whether you need to fight for the product liability cases, bad drugs, and mass tort claims, Bramzon Law Firm PLLC team can help you get a dynamic legal representation. Visit http://bramzonlawfirm.com/ or dial (855) 434-2332 to know more about the lawsuit and how to proceed with it.


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