Defective Medical Device Lawsuits Explained Simply

Medical devices that are properly designed, tested and built are lifesaving in nature. But given there is such a competition in the marketplace, the device makers are under constant pressure to get products out the door faster than their competitors. But when the people who rely on these devices are harmed, such as with a defective TVM or IVC filter, can suffer from catastrophic injuries.

For this, the victims might want to file a lawsuit. This is when an experienced person might be required like the specific attorneys who know how to go about with the defective medical device representation.

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Two of the major medical device cases in the medical history include:

  • Transvaginal mesh injuries: Many women have experienced serious injury from surgical mesh implanted to repair pelvic organ prolapse (POP) or incontinence (SUI), which can arise after childbirth. Health complications include exposure of the mesh, chronic pain, severe infection and painful intercourse. Follow-up surgery may be required, and if not treated timely, it can lead to permanent injury or disability.
  • Defective IVC filters: These filters are designed to prevent blood clots from reaching lungs, but can end up puncturing vital body structures instead.

When the FDA determines there are extensive problems with a medical device, they issue a Class I, II or III recall. Class I recalls are classified as the most dangerous and would need the assistance of a doctor and defective medical device representationwho can help the victims understand about the lawsuit. Class II and III recalls are for less severe, but still harmful problems. Patients with a complaint under any of the three categories are eligible to find financial compensation for the injury and loss of wages.

With the team of diverse team of attorneys and legal professionals, Bramzon Law Firm PLLC is a trusted place when you need to know what to do next after you have suffered injuries from a defective medical device. Standing by the claimholders to achieve the financial outcome they deserve, you can get a free and confidential consultation of your case over Dial (855) 434-2332 to know more about the same.


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