Talcum powder: Looks safe, but it isn’t so in real

Talcum powder has been in use since decades. The over-the-counter healthcare product is preferred and used by millions across the globe for a varied purpose. But is the soft white powder safe to use? Or does it have an acute threat if used in the long run?

Talcum powder comes from magnesium silicate which accounts for its soft texture. The mineral talc is mined, sifted and packaged to be used for personal hygiene, baby care and also for other consumer good and cosmetics. It has become a necessary daily use product without knowing the effect in the long run. And the outcome can be so severe that you might be eligible someday to file a talcum powder lawsuit!

Scared? Wondering what is so serious about the use of talc? As a matter of fact, talcum powder, if used over a prolonged period, has a high potential risk of ovarian cancer and for few serious respiratory conditions. How many of us are aware of this? And we do use the talcum powder or the products that contain talc on the most sensitive areas of our body and on babies without concerns of any side-effects.

talcum powder lawsuitWhat side-effects?

When applied on the female groin area, talc fibers of the power moves into the vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes to the ovaries. These carcinogenic fibers stay as it is for years and then cause inflammation and even ovarian and other types of cancer. There is a 20-30% increased risk of ovarian cancer with the use of talcum powder, as reported by journals of Cancer Prevention Research.

There have been instances and studies that prove that respiratory problems can result with the consistent use of talcum powder.

And why lawsuit?

Many talcum powder companies including Johnson and Johnson’s are aware of the side effects and yet they don’t make the customers aware. If you are among the victims of ovarian cancer that you feel caused by prolonged use of Johnson and Johnson’s, Bramzon Law Firm PLLC can be contacted for a free evaluation. Contact http://bramzonlawfirm.com/ or call on 1(8555) 434-2332 to claim your evaluation.


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